Legislators Turn Blind Eye, Idahoans Lose

(republished from the IdahoReporter.com)

I’ve always said that the lawmaking process in the Idaho Legislature is a billion times better than the process in Congress. But as proponents advance Gov. Butch Otter’s bill to implement Obamacare, they’re ready to throw out our commendable process at great expense to our state. And for what?

Sen. Monty Pearce called it “Idaho’s Pelosi moment; you have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”

Thursday’s Idaho Senate debate on a state insurance exchange exposed this reality. Several times during the course of a six-hour debate, insurance exchange opponents identified flaws in the insurance exchange bill that ought to even make supporters of an insurance exchange blush:

– The legislation puts no limit on what kind of fee is charged in the exchange, nor does it identify who pays the fee or how much.

– The bill doesn’t address concerns regarding legislative oversight.

– And despite all of its posturing about “state sovereignty” or the need to “actively resist federal actions,” the bill contains no examples of how a state exchange will achieve those ends.

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