U.S. Representative – District 1 Race – Editorial

We Endorse Russ Fulcher for U.S. Representative, District 1

It is an easy call to endorse Russ Fulcher  to replace Congressman Raul Labrador.

Russ has demonstrated time and again that exercising conservative values and taking principled stands is a successful formula to become one of the leaders of the conservative movement in Idaho.  Russ Fulcher has the proven conservative track record and we can count on him to represent our conservative values in Washington., and will work well with the entire Federal Delegation and hold the fiscal line with our two US Senators.

None of the other candidates for this seat come even close to being right for this job.

Vote for  Russ Fulcher.

The two other conservatives candidates in the this race Michael Snyder and Nick Henderson both show promise as up and coming young people in the conservative movement, and we certainly encourage them to stay involved and pursue other elective office to gain the needed experience.

Dave Leroy has served this State for  years in a variety of positions. Dave is just not the person we need.

In his loss to Helen Chenoweth in the 90’s he demonstrated that he wasn’t a conservative then and despite his claims, not in 2018.  We don’t need an establishment candidate to represent us now in Washington.

A strong no for David Leroy.

Christy Perry – She likes to say “remember the gal with guns”. We say if she has her vote on other issues WE WILL HAVE TO EVENTUALLY USE OURS.  Christy in a recent debate tried to compare herself to the late Helen Chenoweth, we can tell you without a doubt she is no Helen.  In fact we believe she is running in the wrong party. Her votes in this past legislative session to fund Planned Parenthood, other similar votes in past sessions and the killing of conservative bills in her committee are clear indications of her liberal bent. She is no conservative.

We urge Never Christy.

Luke Malek is another legislator that claims conservatism and votes the opposite. The last thing we need in Washington is another Crony Lawyer masquerading as a champion of the people.

Luke is the wrong person at this critical time.

By: Lou Esposito

Reposted with permission from theidahoan.com

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