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How Blue is Your Legislator?

2013 Legislature Member Health Insurance & Medical Industry 2012 Campaign Contributions Legislative District Commerce Committee Health & Welfare Cameron, Dean $21,300 27 x Wood, Fred $16,050 27 x Bedke, Scott $12,500 27 Lodge, Patti, Anne $11,800 11 Guthrie, Jim $11,500 28 x Rusche, John $10,700 6 x Davis, Bart $8,200 33 Hill, Brent $7,500 34 Thompson, […]

No Free Corn

The following was recently seen on the Idaho Business Alliance website: by Steve Washam based on a telling by George Gordon Some years ago, about 1900, an old trapper from North Dakota hitchedup some horses to his Studebaker wagon, packed a few possessions–especially his traps–and drove south. Several weeks later he stopped in a small town […]

Heritage Foundation Reveals US Double Jeopardy

In its 2012 Index of Economic Freedom, the Heritage Foundation analysts and economists spoke to the current double jeopardy facing the US Economy:  The increase in the debt to GDP ratio, and the resulting restriction of economic freedom in enterprise. The permanent increase in the ratio of public debt to GDP…is prima facie evidence of policy failure. […]

Governors: President’s Cuts Will Hurt Economy

Governors from around the country are meeting in Washington this week with a sense of urgency.  On the table?  President Obama’s current sequestration issue, which will according to a recent article at MoneyNews, “lead to dismissal of teachers and firefighters, and reduce projected spending by $1.2 trillion over the next nine years, with half in defense […]

Statewide Poll Finds Widespread Opposition To Insurance Exchange & Expansion of Medicaid

Idahoans remain strongly opposed to Obamacare and want the governor and Legislature to reject its big government ideas, including the expansion of Medicaid and creation of a state health insurance exchange. That’s according to the results of a new statewide public opinion study commissioned by three prominent Idaho organizations – the Free Enterprise PAC, Idaho […]

Ronald Reagan on Free Enterprise

The following is reprinted from a more comprehensive blog post at the Lord Acton Power Institute Blog.

US Chamber Free Enterprise Survey

Americans agree that we should rely on free enterprise more than government to restore prosperity. They see a government role in stimulating the economy as short term, and many believe that the government does too much that should be left to the private sector.