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Heritage Foundation Reveals US Double Jeopardy

In its 2012 Index of Economic Freedom, the Heritage Foundation analysts and economists spoke to the current double jeopardy facing the US Economy:  The increase in the debt to GDP ratio, and the resulting restriction of economic freedom in enterprise. The permanent increase in the ratio of public debt to GDP…is prima facie evidence of policy failure. […]

Harvard Professor: US Middle Class Hollowing

(Republished from The United States is losing the global economic competition battle and the American middle class is fading, says Michael Porter, a professor of economy at Harvard. The decline of the American middle class is due to increasing regulatory costs, deteriorating infrastructure and declining skills of workers, Porter told CNBC. “America used to […]

Idaho’s Piece of the Pie

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, there were over 7 million jobs lost in the downturn of the economy over the last two years. As a forecast to the future, they have issued a “20 Million Job Challenge”, urging politicians to create the less restrictive (less government, more freedom) environment needed to replace these 7 million lost, while adding the approximately 13 million more that will be needed as America grows over the next decade.

US Chamber Free Enterprise Survey

Americans agree that we should rely on free enterprise more than government to restore prosperity. They see a government role in stimulating the economy as short term, and many believe that the government does too much that should be left to the private sector.