Register for Republican Primary

As of 2011, Idaho has a closed primary system, meaning that in order to vote in the Republican Primary, you must declare an affiliation with and register as a Republican with your local County Clerk.

Since Idaho has never required party registration prior to July 1, 2011, there are approximately 742,000 registered voters who are not affiliated with any political party.  Electors can designate their party affiliation with the Democratic, Republican, Constitution or Libertarian Party or select no party affiliation (Unaffiliated) in any of the following ways:

  • Fill out a new voter registration card
  • Fill out a Party Affiliation Declaration form
  • Declare a party at the polls at the 2012 Primary Election
  • Anyone who has not declared a party affiliation by the 2012 Primary Election will be registered as an unaffiliated voter

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The declaration form, as well as a voter registration form, are available at the Idaho Secretary of State’s Voting website, and a copy is made available below.

Download the Affiliation Declaration
Download a Voter Registration Card
View the list of County Clerks Offices