2018 Endorsements

Free Enterprise PAC is proud to endorse and support candidates and incumbent legislators during each election cycle.

The following are our endorsements for the Idaho 2018 primary election:

U.S. Representative, District 1 – Russ Fulcher

It is an easy call to endorse Russ Fulcher  to replace Congressman Raul Labrador.  Russ has demonstrated time and again that exercising conservative values and taking principled stands is a successful formula to become one of the leaders of the conservative movement in Idaho. Russ Fulcher has the proven conservative track record and we can count on him to represent our conservative values in Washington.  He will work well with the entire Federal Delegation and hold the fiscal line with our two US Senators.

Governor – Raul Labrador

Raul is truly they only proven conservative in this race.  Raul is one of those rare politicians that actually does what he promises, stands on the principles he espouses.  No equivocation no slight of hand, he just ‘gets it done’.

Lieutenant  Governor – Janice McGeachin

We believe she is the right choice to bring conservative principles to back up Governor Labrador but whatever the outcome having a strong conservative in this position is crucial. Janice will bring the right blend of business and political experience to the job.

Congressional District Races

District Office Candidate
District 1 Senate Danielle Ahrens
House Seat A Heather Scott
House Seat B Sage Dixon
District 2 Senate Steve Vick
House Seat A Vito Barbieri
House Seat B Doug Okuniewicz
District 3 Senate Don Cheatham
House Seat A Ron Mendive
House Seat B Katy Sims
District 4 Senate Mary Souza
House Seat A Jim Addis
House Seat B Roger Garlock
District 5 Senate Dan Forman
House Seat A Hari Heath
House Seat B Caroline Troy
District 6 Senate Dan G. Johnson
House Seat A Thyra K. Stevenson
House Seat B Mike Kingsley
District 7 Senate Carl Crabtree
House Seat A Priscilla Giddings
House Seat B Paul Shepard
District 8 Senate Marla Lawson
House Seat A Terry Gestrin
House Seat B Doroth Moon
District 9 House Seat A Lorrie L. Richins
House Seat B Judy Boyle
District 10 Senate Jim Rice
House Seat B Greg Chaney
District 11 Senate Zach Brooks
House Seat A Josh Gibbons
House Seat B Tammy Nichols
District 12 Senate Todd Lakey
District 13 House Seat A Brent Crane
House Seat B Lori Shewmaker
District 14 Senate Todd Hatfield
House Seat B Gayann DeMourdaunt
District 20 House Seat A Joe Palmer
House Seat B James Hotzclaw
District 21 Senate Cliff Bayer
House Seat A Steven Harris
House Seat B Thomas E. “Tom” Daley
District 22 Senate Lori Den Hartog
House Seat A John Vander Woude
House Seat B Jason Monks
District 23 House Seat A Christy Zito
District 24 House Seat A Rocky Ferrenburg
District 25 House Seat A Glenneda Zuiderveld
House Seat B Lyle Johnson
District 27 House Seat B Kevin Williams
District 28 House Seat B Kevin Andrus
District 30 Senate Dean M. Mortimer
House Seat B Randy Neal
District 31 House Seat B Julianne Young
District 32 House Seat B Thomas F. Loertscher
District 33 Senate Anthony “Tony” Potts
House Seat A Barbara Ehardt
House Seat B Bryan Zollinger
District 34 House Seat A Ronald Nate
District 35 Senate Jud Miller
House Seat A Daniel H. Davis
House Seat B Karey Hanks